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Our Ambassadors

The whole world should hear about Ukrainian heroes. And our ambassadors support us in this. People who use their professional knowledge and experience to help patients and speak loudly about the unbreakable Ukrainians.

It is important for the Neopalimy Project to have the support of such outstanding specialists. Therefore, we thank each ambassador who joined our team.

Patrick Treacy


Patrick Treacy is a famous Irish cosmetologist and plastic surgeon. His clinic, "Ailesbury Clinic", is located in Dublin and is known not only in Ireland, but also abroad. He is a doctor, who has made a significant contribution to the world of cosmetology and plastic surgery by founding a number of projects for charitable purposes. The doctor is one of the leading experts in the field of lip defects and facial reconstructive surgery. In his experience, Patrick has performed numerous surgeries on patients with facial malformations and damaged results of previous plastic surgeries.


Herve Raspaldo


The doctor received a certificate in France from the National Medical Council. Also, he is a recognized specialist in ear, nose, and throat surgery in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Raspaldo is an expert in the anatomy and methods of facial rejuvenation with injectables and conducts training on this topic at the University of Nice. Dr Raspaldo is a renowned French plastic surgeon who is a qualified specialist in facial and neck surgery. He operates his own clinic in Cannes on the French Riviera and performs consultations and surgeries all over the world.


Leonardo Marini


Leonardo Marini is a prominent dermatologist and scientist from Italy who has dedicated his career to the research and treatment of skin diseases. The professor is the director of the “Skin Doctors” Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology in Rome. He is known for his research in the treatment of acne, rosacea, age spots, and other skin conditions. Therefore, he is a leading specialist in Italy in the field of laser therapy and skin repair. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Marini is the author of more than 100 scientific articles and books on dermatology, and his research is used in clinics around the world.


Nellie Konnikov


Professor Nellie Konnikov  is a researcher who has made a great contribution to science and medicine. Her research focuses on neuroscience and biochemistry, and it has helped to understand how the brain works and how to treat neurological diseases. She has been a professor at Boston University for over 20 years. She founded the Department of Neural Networks, where she and her team conduct research to help understand how the brain works. One of the important discoveries of Professor Nellie Konnikov is to find out how the brain controls our actions and movements. This helps people with neurological diseases to get effective treatment and improve their lives.

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